Saturday, November 15, 2014

The War on Christmas Is Here!

The War on Christmas has arrived. Read this before getting outraged. I really wish people would stop, for just a bit, before becoming extremely outraged, unglued and unhinged about something.

There’s multiple memes and ‘news’ outlets that are featuring articles and segments that say some schools are banning Christmas. This is just preposterous. Calling December-January break ‘Winter Break’ doesn't ban Christmas. The Christians still get their long weeks to celebrate the tradition and cultures of Christianity via their religious holidays, do they not?

 And, that traditional, cultural Christian celebration exactly looks and feels like what? Anyone answer that question with a serious face without choking?

 Why does school break have to be called "Christmas Break" and not "Winter Break" . . . is it that big of a deal that the majority Christians have to dictate to everyone else and everyone’s kids what everyone's tax dollars call break during winter from school?

Get off the outrage bus, already. Maybe, read your Bible, specifically, the passages where Jesus taught. He was never about himself. He was about the benefit of all others. If you think Jesus was about Christians going out and preaching hatred toward anyone, you’re not Christian . . . you’re just hateful.

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