Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reform A Hostage To the Radical Right and Democratic Defenders

Bureaucracy is currently a mess, but it isn't inherently wrong. The Constitution sets up our system of government, and whether you like the outcomes or not, this is the system of government we currently have.


Reform is part of the function of this system of government. By one party primarily railing against that system (The Republicans), demonizing it in order to rally their base, reform of that system becomes less the priority and more in the way of their re-election. By Republicans having the enemy of Bureaucracy to fight in
Washington, their elections are a rallying cry to their base. They are not elected to public office to fix anything or to govern, but to slay the evil beast.

Staunch Democrat supporters know what slaying the beast would mean to those who depend on government for their lives, some of which happen to vote for them in these same elections. So, when these Democrats travel to Washington, they are also not there to reform the Bureaucracy but to defend it against the incoming Crusading Republicans, there to slaughter government.

This is what is broken in this country. There is not one person I know that doesn't KNOW that the Bureaucracy is broken. There is just this wailing mass of screamers that want to throw out the whole system of government, to ignore the Constitution, to ignore all of the millions of people that depend on it for their livelihood, their healthcare, their very existence.

Each party can label all of those people in a million different negative and derogatory ways, but how does that help them or help fix the bureaucracy that they depend on for their lives?

Reform should be what both parties should be demanding, not fighting each other or fighting to sustain the broken system or fighting to bring it all crashing down.

However, because of the screamers in the Republican base, demonizing those who need the bureaucracy and those who maintain that bureaucracy, the Democratic base, feels the need to  staunchly defend those who need those programs because it's ACTUAL lives on the line when those programs are threatened and funding cut abruptly.

So, the middle of the country, wanting the system reformed, is held hostage. By the Radical Right screamers and by the Staunch Democrat Defenders in response to the threat by the Radical Right.

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