Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dealing with the Political Outrage Posse

These outrage elements on the right and the left cannot have a dialogue because they lack knowledge of Civics, science, critical thinking, history, compassion, understanding and patience. They also have zero capacity to broaden their understanding of any position that threatens their grand assumptions.

It's rather funny because it reminds me of middle school or elementary school. The pumped up bravado of the bully right after they thought they had just done something big in the playground . . . which was usually right before they were seen running away crying.

The difference here is that this is social media. These people will never face the music. They have the safety of the distance that the internet and their prolonged and sustained ignorance and their outrage posse has given them.

I have great compassion for them. It is a very difficult path they are willingly taking.

Most of us are actively engaged in trying to reach these people because we want progress in this country. Regardless of political affiliation, we want the whole country to prosper. We don't want losers in America or for people we disagree with to be punished because they have a dissenting opinion.

So, have compassion for them. They are human beings, they deserve it.

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