Saturday, November 29, 2014

Safeguarding Privacy, Liberty and Individual Freedom

There are reasonable ways to safeguard privacy while maintaining security without savaging liberty. The real threat is from a police force that has zero accountability and transparency in how it exerts its power and authority over the citizens it pledges to serve and protect.

The difference between the age of Barack Obama and Benjamin Franklin is technology and data and the transferable nature of the two.

If companies and individuals can collect data, then why should the government just stand by and not protect American citizens as long as there are sufficient safeguards in place with sufficient oversight, both legislative and judicial, to ensure transparency of those mechanisms?

Is the current framework working appropriately to protect liberty and individual freedoms, to avoid overreach and violation of privacy? I would say probably not. But, to compare quotes and intentions from Benjamin Franklin to modern-day President's is really ridiculous and disingenuous to the broader implications of technology, data transfer and the threats that are manageable while maintaining liberty and individual freedoms.

Government needs reform from the top to bottom. There are interests within and witnd by and not collect data in a reasonable whout that wish to maintain the status quo to maintain power, money and influence. It will only be when rational, reasonable Americans stand up and begin to outline a rational, reasonable American reform plan that both parties and all politicians must rally behind that there will ever be real reform in America.

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