Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bernie Sanders to Rebuild Democratic Party?

I'd say the lessons of 2016 are still ambiguous at best. Everyone is clamoring to have been right in 2016 and to be certain that others acknowledge that distorted reality. 

Many competing manipulations and bad strategies were at play, including Bernie Sanders' failure to ever change his message or campaign, which led to his loss. He continues to speak about the same issues in the same way as if it would make any more difference now than it did then. That reminds me of a saying, doesn’t it to you?

That being said, Sanders does evoke emotion and camaraderie in many of today’s youth and young adult populations, not to mention the far left’s embrace of him seems to know no bounds. This too often comes at the cost of allies and respectful dialogue.

Unfortunately, some of Sanders supporters allowed themselves to become Russian agents in 2016, using manipulated leaks and fabricated innuendo to support their continued hatred and anxiety about Hillary Clinton. Ultimately, these divisions and derisive atmosphere wrapped in a fear-based, xenophobic, anxiety-provoking campaign led to the election of Trump. 

Hillary did the minimal to resolve these issues in any concerted and effective way. Her campaign became an anti-Trump campaign as much as the core of Sanders support became anti-Hillary and anti-Trump. Anti-individual campaigns aren’t beneficial for an honest discussion, nor for moving the country or a vision forward. They also have a long history of not being successful in America.

It makes little sense for a non-Democrat to rebuild the Democratic Party. He wanted to blow up the Democratic Party. Sanders was at least successful in that much.

It's no mistake that at Bernie's rally where the new DNC Chair, Tom Perez, was in attendance, that Bernie's faithful booed the DNC's new leadership. That's not a welcoming sign for the future of the party, now is it?