Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Democrat Schism, the DNC, and Trump

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I decided not to summarize the latest Democratic debate from last Saturday. I do think the Democratic race is fairly frozen, but there is definitely some friction between some Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters after the debate regarding the DNC data breach scandal. This, I believe, doesn’t benefit the Sanders campaign, whatsoever. 

I'll freely admit, the only supporters I refer to here are the ones that comment often, often vehemently, accuse vehemently, post previously refuted memes or other falsehoods, and do anything to defame Hillary Clinton, deflect, distract, and play victim when others are only having a discussion with them about specific points of disagreement.

Usually, these types accuse you of what they themselves are doing. 

I get being passionate about your candidate and vehemently defending your preferred candidate from attacks that aren't based on facts or in context. 

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What I don't get are the consistent and constant attacks of another candidate on baseless, unsubstantiated claims. That people attack Hillary Clinton often does not mean she's done anything wrong. It does mean she is a threat to the status quo, something that so many are desperate to maintain. So, since there’s no factual record of wrongdoing, the only tactic left to critics is creating a culture of conspiracy. 

This culture of conspiracy that exists on the far left and the far right is warping common discourse. Both want to dismiss and demean without proving anything. They want their way, they want it now, and they don’t care how or what they have to do in order to achieve that end. 

I think the latest real scandal from real wrongdoing by real campaign staff by the Sanders campaign and the reaction by some Sanders supporters is proof positive of everything I've just outlined. Somehow, for some it is a further indictment of Clinton’s wrongdoing even though her campaign has not done anything wrong. Somehow, it has made Sanders into the victim yet again. 

He's a victim of the media. Victim of the DNC. Victim of the campaign finance system. But, is there a conspiracy? 
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Certainly, the DNC has been mismanaged for years. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz has been one of the worst DNC Chairs in recent memory. She has completely wasted the Obama presidency. If 2010 and 2014 were not indictments of her failed leadership in state and local elections, certainly her behavior in this latest technology scandal involving the DNC should be enough to oust her. Will it happen before the 2016 election? Doubtful.
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And, yes, I'm over it today. I've just had it, and I mildly apologize. Lawrence O'Donnell flashed in the screen in between DVR spots yesterday land-blasting the Hillary campaign for their response to Trump's demand for an apology for the statement she made regarding ISIS using videos of Trump for recruitment. O’Donnell’s reasoning was that it was an opportunity to teach Trump supporters how to behave.

Are you friggin kidding me? They don't give a damn. They're not out to become enlightened.

That is what Trump is talking about when he talks about politically correct nonsense. The reality is that Trump comments are being used to recruit terrorists. Period. Those comments are being aired 24/7 on cable news outlets around the world and throughout the Muslim world. So, to somehow believe the American message of “we hate Muslims” from Trump's head isn't sinking into and radicalizing the psyche of Muslims against America today, you'd have to be an utter fool. 
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It’s views like O’Donnell’s and incompetence-without-accountability like Wasserman-Schultz’s that left unchecked has allowed the rise of this politically correct atmosphere that is deadly to both political discourse and success at the ballot box for a progressive reform agenda to ever become a reality again.

Trump has so much wrong, but he wraps a couple of correct principles in the familiar feel of anger, outrage, and hatred. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to defeat that message by being high-minded and being right. What’s necessary is a fighter that will take the fight and be relentless under extreme criticism. I only know one candidate that has that track record.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Republicans Fail to Dislodge Trump at Last 2015 Debate

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Another set of Republican debates are in the books. 

The first debate was terribly managed and moderated, but that may have been due simply to the caliber of candidates. Of the four under car candidates, Senator Lindsey Graham was the only one that seemed to have a relevant reason to be running even though he has no support to continue running.

As far as the real Republican debate, it was a bit nauseating hearing about how each candidate was going to keep Americans safe and how President Obama and Secretary Clinton were to blame for ISIS and the recent wave of terrorist attacks at home and abroad. Of all the debates, I think this was just so one note that it’s really difficult to get into specifics from each candidate because they didn’t.
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Senator Rand Paul certainly set himself apart from the rest of the field on every national security issue, highlighting the critical need to focus on the national debt. Certainly, the crowd in Las Vegas was excited by Paul’s exchanges. 

Despite that, the winner was clearly Donald Trump. He didn’t make any major blunders. He wrestled with a few candidates, but not in any way that was all that memorable. Governor Jeb Bush seemed more lively, aggressive, and delivered a stronger performance than at any other venue, but I doubt this will garner him much in the way of added support. 

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both sparred a few times, and it appeared Cruz got the best of these encounters. As far as Carly Fiorina, she seemed to become so monotonous, as did Governor Chris Christie. By now, if you didn’t know that Christie was sworn in as a prosecutor the day before 9/11 and is very serious about national security and wants to talk directly to all voters, you’ve not been paying much attention. 
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For as much as Governor John Kasich tried to make some remark that was memorable, he just couldn’t make a standalone mark that might help garner some support for his campaign. Oh, I nearly forgot Dr. Ben Carson. He nearly didn’t show up on the stage tonight. He certainly seemed to be better prepared on foreign policy and national security, which is particularly shocking considering he referred to Hamas as hummus earlier in the week.

Trump wins, Cruz second, Paul stood out as well. I would hope that some of these candidates would start dropping out soon, but that’s unlikely to happen with the possibility of a brokered convention in the offing. Personally, I doubt this debate will change the race whatsoever.