Sunday, November 16, 2014

Imagine Before Hate: Illegal Immigration

There is nothing free about being an illegal immigrant. You may have painted this lovely picture of flowers and pancakes for these illegals, but none of that is the truth of their experience in this country.

And, the comprehensive reform plan would require years to complete, have stiff fines, penalties and steps that each immigrant would have to take in order to become a full citizen.

These illegal citizens already pay taxes, they already do work . . . they wouldn't be taking away jobs from anyone. They would become part of the system, be allowed to come out of the darkness . . . there are plenty of these hard workers that are potential small business owners, if only they were given a chance.

Many of these came here as children, some decades ago. It wasn't even their choice. They are here, they are worthy of being American citizens. Their family members have served in our military and fought for our freedoms. Their children are citizens, their children's children are citizens.

When you think about it as an "Me vs Them" . . . you're going to be terrified . . . but that's only in your head . . . and, it's been pounded into your heads for years and decades. These are hard workers, something that is part of what it is to be an American.

Take a moment and attempt to imagine how it is to work hard every day and fear that at any moment it could all be gone in a flash . . . that when you come home from working 12 hours that you're wife, your mother or father, your grandmother or grandfather have been deported.

Just imagine. What does the hatefulness get you? get them? get this country?

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