Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Renewed Push for Dependency Reform


Of course there is dependency on government. When big businesses don't pay all of their employees a wage that allows them to reasonably pay their bills and live a reasonable life, there will absolutely be dependency on government. How will this ever change?

If the person owning the company, the people running the company, the managers managing the company, the stockholders making money off the company cannot pay the employees that produce the money, then there is something inherently wrong with the system.

If you believe that people that are dependent on the government always vote Democrat, you've never spoken with a lot of people who actually are. Most of them don't even vote, don't even care to vote, don't even realize what it means to vote. It's truly shocking, dismaying and disheartening for me every single time I hear it come out of someone's mouth that they don't vote, and then to listen to their reasons as to why they don't. Very sad.

Many of them are so stressed by being dependent, that they can't even figure out how to vote, let alone who to vote for when elections take place. Others are so stressed out by the fear and intimidation crowd that they feel compelled to vote with the pack as opposed to vote for their own best interests.

The ways in which millions that are openly hostile, ridicule and demean those who are dependent on government does ZERO to help them become less dependent. ZERO. Have you ever found motivation by being belittled by others? I hear it all the time how easy it must be for these people to be dependent on government. It's hell for them.

Instead of attacking those that are on these programs, why not fix the system that keeps them on these programs. I hope Paul Ryan is serious about his plan to create Ladders of Opportunity, but this can only happen when the risks for finding part time work or trying to transition off these programs isn't so nightmarish.

Imagine having a chronic condition where you absolutely need a medication every day and medical care or you're health will collapse. Then, you try and make the most of that situation and work, and then years later the government screws it all up and nearly kills you by taking away your benefits when you need them the most. How many times can a person pull themselves back up before they just say, “Enough is enough!”?

That's the thing. When you're so consumed by outrage, you just don't consider the human element. It's not those that are dependent on government to blame; it's the system that keeps them there that needs to be reformed. No one  . . . NO ONE . . . thinks the system works . . . but as long as one side is out to KILL the system, the other side will do everything it can to not allow the other side to KILL people.

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