Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Clinton Non-Indictment; The Actual Facts

FBI Director Comey is widely respected by members of both parties. If he says that no charges should be filed, likely he knows something all Hillary haters don't know as he is a dedicated public servant and not someone who has a political axe to grind. 

Was the setup careless? Sure sounds like it in retrospect. However, there was every reason for Hillary Clinton to believe that it wasn’t careless when it was originally set up. That’s why the rules were clarified and strengthened with regard to these specific sort of personal and government email setups during and after she left office.

His comments that he added with this recommendation of ‘no indictment’ were fairly clear about his thoughts on the careless nature with regard to the setup of this private email server. 

As the statute involving the handling of classified material expressly states, intent is key. There's a lack of specificity in the claims against her which is why there's a lack of indictment. If Secretary Clinton had sent classified materials, you can damn well bet she would have been indicted. It's quite clear that there is no such evidence for indictment or conviction. 
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There's a separate system for classified material, and Comey was quite clear that there were no emails marked classified on the private email server.  Considering none of us know what's in these 'classified' documents, it makes it problematic to know anything or discuss anything about it. Also, it’s impossible to stop someone from emailing you anything, is it not?

If you care to research the technology of the State Department and most of the federal government, it has archaic tech that is way behind the rest of the country. Read what former Secretaries of State have to say about those specific technology issues because these problems really existed prior to Secretary Clinton’s tenure and continue to plague the federal government.

The Clinton email server had been used by a sitting President of the United States, after all. It was set up to protect the information on it, and Director Comey stated unequivocally that there was no actual evidence of hacking on the Clinton server. And, the government servers have been open to attack and have been known to have been breached. Snowden and Wikileaks come to mind as just two obvious examples.
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No emails were sent or received that were ever marked classified. Obviously, as every single person knows, it is impossible to stop people from sending you stupid shit. 

Sorry, buttressing your anti-Hillary views on this email server setup and all the statements made about it is a moot point. She will not be indicted. Out of over 50,000 emails, there were a handful that had some classified or top secret information within them. Those handful of emails were not marked in that way. If those emails had been marked appropriately they would have never been opened by the Secretary.

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This non-indictment comes as a huge disappointment to millions of people. They will continue to latch onto every negative kernel within every aspect of every story regarding it. That’s why media outlets continue to cherry-pick FBI Director Comey’s carefully worded statement in order to perpetuate this story as long as possible. It gives the media something to discuss at length without ever having to do actual research or reporting, like Donald Trump’s finances, bad business ethics, and lack of tax returns.  

And, for an email server setup that Hillary Clinton apologized for over a year ago and now has been cleared of for any future indictment regarding, I would hope we could have discussions about the issues and policies to move the country forward instead of someone’s choice about the setup for her email back in 2009.

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