Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Different Perspectives in Cops, Protestors, and Victims
There was much ire when the Decatur, Illinois paper published this photo. It's doing its job as much as cops are doing their jobs and as much as these concerned citizens are doing what they feel they have to in the wake of more senseless killing of citizens by cops. 

If you think you know how it is to be pulled over by cops and you're white, you probably don't have a clue how it is for most black and brown Americans, and that includes black cops in America. 

Just like if you're not a cop you don't know how it is to pull over strangers who you don't know and don't know what's going on in their minds. 

The difference is that it's the cops job to pull over strangers, not to kill them simply because they feel scared. And, it's these protestors' right to go out into the street and protest what they see as unjust, unprovoked killing of their own. 
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Mistakes happen. And, in most professions, when you make a mistake there's real accountability. With police, when they make a mistake, people can die, including themselves. Both sides can't understand that's the issue here.

Also, if you probably haven't been pulled over in a car in a poor neighborhood or in a car with black people in it. You're lucky to have never witnessed something like that just as most of us are blessed to not have to work the dangerous job of protecting and serving a public that seems oblivious to those dangers. 

Any loss of life is too much. Cops dying. Citizens dying by cops shooting them. Citizens dying by other citizens killing them. It's all too much.

We happen to live in a country where so many love their guns more than they love the lives of cops, citizens, or the rights of those to protest the government, apparently.

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