Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Leader We Need; Stronger Together

It's a real leader that can acknowledge their missteps and mistakes, to own their role in contributing to the sense of division within America, and saying unequivocally that she will do better. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.

She may not be perfect, but neither are any of us. She at least acknowledges her issues, and works to address them, learn from them.

We are Stronger Together.

In these difficult and often divisive times, we need a leader that not only looks at what's broken in our systems of government, but one that has taken a hard look at her own role in government.

A leader that has comprehensive solutions, policies that are thoughtfully designed, not to drive us apart, but to bring us together and move us as a nation forward into this century.
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You may be angry. 

You may be outraged. 

You have every reason to be.

Give Hillary Clinton a chance. 

Take a good look at the policies she's offering in her campaign for President of the United States. You might be surprised. 

It's not a campaign built on sowing discord. It's a campaign built on coming together, moving us forward.

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