Thursday, June 23, 2016

UK to Leave the EU; Outrage Defeats Facts

The United Kingdom makes an expensive vote of nationalism and isolationism that will reverberate for the remainder of the summer and probably impact the general election here in the States.

Already, the pound is dropping off a cliff, commodity markets are being hit hard, and likely going to be a tough end of June for stock markets. Scotland will hold another referendum to leave.

The amount of misinformation that was dispersed to engender anger, outrage, and pessimism shouldn't surprise anyone. That seems to be routine these days.

It's now commonplace for people:
  • To make outrageous claims based on feelings instead of facts.
  • To post 'news' stories they've not even read based on the headline or the picture.
  • To get upset about a policy proposal they've heard without even having any basic understanding of the process or any facts about it whatsoever.
The new dark ages.

(Photo: +Wonderful Wildlife)

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