Saturday, July 9, 2016

Coming Together on Cops, Guns and Violence

Okay, why is it that Philando Castile shouldn't have had a gun, which was legal for him to have been carrying, and none of these gun rights activists are crying foul about him being killed for having that legal gun that he had every right to carry? 

Why is it in every other instance when someone dies by being shot to death that gun rights advocates claim a person needs to be armed? 

Why is it that the laws that were passed with the express purpose of defending oneself are used to gun down innocent people? 

And, why are the people that helped to push those laws’ passage not standing up in response to that young father’s death?

Meanwhile, you have crazed people running around the streets with legal firearms killing cops and somehow those firearms are off limits to discuss  in anyway whatsoever.
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I just don’t get it gun rights folks. And, I don’t get how people who are so quick to defend bad decisions by an extremely few cops can’t understand the anger by the people left with the bloody clothes and the dead bodies from those bad decisions. 

The refusal to even acknowledge there is an allowance for this continued state of little to absolutely no accountability or responsibility by some people within our society is as striking as it is frightening for those who feel and actually are targeted. 

609. That’s how many American citizens have been killed thus far by cops this year. That doesn’t mean all or even most of them were without just cause or without absolute provocation. However, there were many of those deaths that could have been prevented. 
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5 cops were murdered yesterday. 7 wounded. That’s absolutely wrong. There’s no justification for it. Those cops were protecting protestors that were peacefully marching against a system that they feel unjustly targets some people and kills them without any due process or provocation. 

At some point, we have to come together and discuss these issues like adults trying to establish some common ground to move forward instead of pointing the finger, playing the blame game, and trying to outdo each other on who is most right and who is out to get us and destroy the country at the same time.

Gun rights activists don’t want to destroy the country as much as gun control advocates don’t want to destroy the country. Get over yourselves.
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People calling for more accountability when police make bad decisions aren’t against the police as much as police aren’t out to kill the people they’re pledged to protect and serve. 

We have a violence problem. We have a firearms problem. We have mental health issues in this country. We have extremist problems. We have terrorist issues. We have fundamentalists on every side and on every issue. 

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We can’t listen to the most extreme, loudest voices on every hot button issue if we’re ever going to move this country forward for every single one of us. 

We can’t do it alone. We came into this world within someone. We can’t possibly get through this society by tearing each other apart.

If you’re angry, be angry . . . just don’t direct it at someone. None of us are perfect. Our political leaders are representative of that reality. Stop blaming everything that’s wrong in your life on everyone else. Start seeing what you can do about it. 

We can do something about these issues. We can only do it together. 

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