Friday, February 12, 2016

The Tenor, Tone, & Tactics within Democracy

I find it curious that some Bernie Sanders’ supporters don't actually discuss Hillary's plans or promote Bernie's plans. Instead, it's a daily dose of who's the latest target of the negativity, anger, and outrage train. 

Bernie Sanders is a good man who deserves to have his policies for America vetted thoroughly. 

I've not demeaned nor dismissed him, nor his candidacy, and certainly not his avid supporters. The passion and vitriol that they feel is real and understandable. I do find the tenor, tone, and tactics that some use curious. 

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Anyone who praises Hillary or endorses Hillary becomes the latest target. Anyone who challenges the resulting negativity becomes the latest target. 

I don't understand what Bernie Sanders gains from this.

I’ve posted my own analysis of Sanders’ plans on college and healthcare because his candidacy deserves that. It’s not an attack on him; it’s an exploration of the issues that actually matter. 

Instead of attacking people who support Hillary Clinton or challenge Bernie Sanders’ policies, how about discuss and address the actual issues that face Americans today?

Our country is at a crossroads, as it often is. That’s how important America remains in the world. Elections matter, but the issues and the people those issues impact daily matter so much more.

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