Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday & The Bernie Big Money Campaign Empire

If you've paid attention to Bernie Sanders, watched the debates, seen the political ads in both batches of Super Tuesday states in March, it is not stretching the truth to say he is a single issue candidate.

His ad that is running is all about what he has nearly made his entire campaign about . . . Campaign financing . . . Which he claims is the reason for all the problems in the country, and that if anyone has any campaign financing from Wall Street or big money corporations, that they are unable to be a progressive President. I find that claim a bit of a stretch, but I will discuss that in a separate post.

All of what I just said is absolutely true about the main thrust of the Sanders campaign. He's been absolutely consistent in this regard. And, the voters are speaking their minds in vast areas of the country on the first of the Super Tuesdays. The voters have listened to these candidates for nearly a year, and they are just now beginning to have their voices heard.

He has said he has this revolution-turnout machine behind his candidacy. He certainly has a million dollar, massive campaign financing big money empire at his disposal. He certainly has energized people to show up repeatedly at rallies. 

It just hasn't been fully realized at the ballot box in most races. Those are just the facts. There are no ways to spin those facts.

The mostly white states are bending his way, certainly. That is not the democratic electorate, nor is it the Obama coalition that can win back the White House in November. Nor is it the coalition that can win Bernie the nomination. 
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There is still time for him to figure out something new. He does have a million dollar, big money campaign financing empire at his disposal. 

So, he can potentially spend his way to some victories like other politicians have done. Hillary has become a much better candidate over the course of her campaign. That is the great thing about this long, drawn out primary process . . . it allows candidates to grow, learn, adapt, and evolve, all keys to a great general election candidate and more importantly, a great President of the United States of America.

You can still do it, Bernie. 

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