Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Differences in Democrat Healthcare Reforms

Common misperceptions persist between the two Democratic candidates for President, their supporters, their critics, beliefs, and realities about their healthcare reform plans. 

Senator Bernie Sanders has provided a single payer, universal healthcare plan. This plan has an impressive array of revenue streams, dismantles the current healthcare system, replaces it with a Medicare-for-all program, and graduates taxes the higher the income. It is revolutionary. 

The plan is predicated on the overall cost of healthcare in America versus other modern economies. It does not address the feasibility concerns that were raised during the recent six year ‘adventure’ the country and many Americans have endured during the political infighting between Democrats and Republicans, the States and the White House, and the legal battles that have landed in the Supreme Court twice so far. 

Secretary Hillary Clinton has a different approach to healthcare reform. Let’s start with the criticisms. Critics say she is for maintaining the status quo. This is wrong. People say she is for protecting the pharmaceutical industry. This is mistaken. 

Actually, there is not one part of her healthcare reform proposals that are about maintaining the status quo. 

Many people are upset with the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare. Clinton seeks to build on the progress made with the ACA, fix the problems made by the law, and address the issues that it has created. She has three chief issues she would address: out-of-pocket expenses, lowering prescription drug prices by holding the pharmaceutical companies accountable, and protecting reproductive rights for women.

Clinton’s approach is based on the premise that passing the ACA was nearly impossible, Republicans not only in Congress fought and continue to fight the law, but red states continue to obstruct implementation of the law. This makes the effort of passing single payer, Medicare-for-all legislation through Congress and implementing it throughout the country virtually impossible.

Now, my personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings about the differences. I want to qualify this that I do believe Bernie Sanders to be completely above board in his proposal. He’s not offering something he doesn’t believe in completely. He believes it’s possible. 

That being said, let me begin.

If you require healthcare for your very life and you happen to live in a red state with a Republican governor and a Republican-controlled state legislature, Bernie's proposal for universal healthcare is not just ridiculous, it's insulting.

There are people dead because of this state versus Obamacare war that has now spanned six years. They couldn't get lifesaving medications and lifesaving medical treatment, not because of Obamacare, but because Republicans wanted to stand up to Obama. 

I know people personally that are dead or nearly died because of the turmoil.

It's a disgusting proposition to thrust the entire country and healthcare system through another bitter, partisan, ignorance fest that doesn't have a chance in hell of getting through the 30+ governor's mansions and state legislatures that are held by extreme right wing legislators. 
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I'm sorry. The country, the political system, and people that depend on the stability of the healthcare system cannot go through another multi-year fools errand because one politician wants to pander to people who want to feel good instead of doing good.

Obamacare extended access to so many more Americans. Building and fixing the ACA is the most amenable, most appropriate, and best approach to achieving the progressive ideal of universal healthcare in America. 

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