Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What Democracy Isn't

Why is it that some of the people that lose elections always have a fraud story to weave, even four years later? It could just be that other Americans or other members of your party's electorate just don't agree with your personal judgment about your preferred candidate. 

Ron Paul had ardent supporters when he ran. So does Bernie Sanders now. That doesn't mean when those candidates lose that there's some giant evil conspiracy against them. What’s truly wild about this conversation is that the Iowa caucuses were barely over and the conspiracy weavers were already busy at the loom. 

Hillary Clinton lost in 2008 and didn’t weave some conspiracy story about why she lost, did she? No, she absolutely didn’t. She rolled up her sleeves and immediately went to work to elect Barack Obama the President of the United States because that was the best use of her time and skills. It was also what was best for America. 

Democracy isn't about agreeing. It's about disagreeing and dealing with the resulting reality.

Who knows how the primary season will actually conclude . . . that doesn’t mean there has to be a conspiracy behind every loss just because you didn’t happen to get your way.

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Democracy isn’t about getting your way. It’s about everyone having a say. After every single one of us has an opportunity to have their voice heard, we go back to work. We do what America is great at . . . working together to make a better world for each other, our families, our communities, and the world. 

That’s what has made America great and still does. Sometimes, the intensity of our passions can overwhelm that American sense of togetherness. We don’t always get our way. That is okay. That doesn’t mean we throw a fit and make up a conspiracy as to why it didn’t work. It means we keep at it. There’s always another opportunity in America. The next election cycle is probably nearly here. 

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