Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Don't Worry about Bernie and the Convention

I'm not worried about Bernie. The media wants you to be worried because of a few reasons.

A) they missed out on their contested republican convention

B) it's good for ratings in the remaining contests

C) they need to increase ratings for the democratic national convention, as the republican national convention is going to be high

D) weakening Hillary now makes for a more interesting general election contest and will help keep viewers throughout the summer when viewership usually drops off for MSM.

Bernie and his loudest supporters are simply reveling in this IG audit report and in the idea of making a spectacle of themselves at the convention. These are the minority of voters.
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No one should get all caught up in their fever or infection, whatever it is. The public isn't even paying much attention to it, for one. For another, if Hillary Clinton got out there and capitalized on this by answering questions and promoting her forward-leaning, progressive, optimistic platform for America everywhere she can, she'll turn this disadvantage into an advantage.

Let the hysterical people have their moment. It is a free country and they can make their own movement meaningless by their behavior all on their own. Holding them accountable is crucial, but being afraid of them being foolish and behaving badly . . . That's not something to be afraid of nor is it something we can control. Nor should we even try.

+Wonderful World
 I've tried to find common ground with people every step of the way. It's just not possible at some moments while some events are transpiring, like a nomination to become the candidate for a major political party. 

That's okay. We have to learn to appreciate that some people won't ever accept Hillary Clinton no matter how much factual, logical, or reasoned arguments and statements we make. That's okay too. That's their right.

That doesn't mean that there won't be a massive movement that will elect Hillary Clinton as the first female President of the United States come November. You can bet I'm going to do everything I can to reach out to everyone everywhere to make that a reality.

This very loud minority of Bernie or Bust people may just be left behind. 

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