Friday, March 18, 2016

The Faux Bernie Conspiracies

Some Bernie supporters are saying the game is rigged against him due to the MSM, super delegates, and other nebulous reasons. It isn’t. Sanders simply isn't making a good case to these super delegates, and apparently not to enough voters to win states or win enough pledged delegates either.

I get the passion behind supporting Sanders, but to continuously focus on somehow there being a conspiracy against his candidacy is getting a bit tougher to handle, especially when Hillary has 2.5 millions more real votes than Sanders and a million more than Donald Trump. That’s not simply a fluke, that’s a dependable trend. 

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When it has come down to campaign losses, which Clinton absolutely has, most notably in New Hampshire and Michigan, Clinton adjusted by sharpening her message and not making excuses. Sanders didn’t make excuses for his South Carolina loss, but he also didn’t make any readily apparent message or strategy changes either. When Clinton began winning big throughout the South, Sanders and his supporters just wrote every loss off as no big deal. That was a massive mistake in judgment and ran contrary to his ‘revolution’ message.

In the latest Super Tuesday contests, Sanders even outspent Clinton reportedly 7 to 1 in some of these states, so it's not as if his message isn't getting out to voters. Ultimately, he made a gross mistake in strategy by completely ignoring blacks, Hispanics, and white Democrats throughout the South. Can he bounce back? Yes. But, I don’t think blaming super delegates or blaming MSM for your campaign losses is all that helpful or positive of a message for running for President of the United States.

You need results, votes, and delegates, not excuses, conspiracies, and faux revolutionary stories that don’t inspire people to actually get out and vote for your candidate in numbers enough to win primaries.

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