Friday, October 2, 2015

They're Coming for Your Guns! Right . . . Sure

I'm so glad I haven't seen any of the coverage of yet another school shooting in America. For one, I'm sure it's fairly relentless and much ado about watching pain and suffering unfold than it is about doing anything about it or covering actual facts.

We ALL know that there will never be gun sense legislation ever passed by Congress. They can't even pass a jobs bill, an infrastructure bill, immigration reform, tax reform, budgets, fixes to ObamaCare, authorizations for war against ISIS/ISIL, or much of anything that actually matters to the American people.

Yet, somehow, people keep reelecting their representatives to Congress. Bravo, America. Y'all elected a Congress that spends hundreds of millions of dollars investigating a faux scandal to undermine a former Secretary of State because she's of the opposing party and the likely nominee for President . . . all on the taxpayer dime. Brilliant plan.

Sick of it. Meanwhile. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying. More and more every year as more guns are pumped into the marketplace, into the streets, and all while existing gun laws are being loosened in many jurisdictions.

If you have any doubt, ask cops. Prominent, experienced cops will tell you that it's too easy for criminals to get cheap guns legally. And, when criminals commit crimes with guns, cops cannot keep them locked up because of lack of enforcement measures due to Second Amendment enthusiasts that are too scared someone is going to take their guns that they freak out public officials into passing insane public policies.

No one has come for your damned guns. If you think they are, you need help and you probably shouldn't own any. 

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