Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Eye of Hurricane Hillary in the House

So, most probably, not many people could watch nearly 12 hours of testimony before Congress today. Hillary didn't have to watch it. Even members of the committee didn't sit through all hours of the testimony. 

You know who did? Hillary Clinton. 

Not only did she sit through every minute. She was in a question & answer . . . Back & forth . . . Allegation skewed innuendo intent on skewering her . . . with a very few brief breaks. 

Not only did she not disrespect those that were out to disrespect her and the four Americans that died on September 11th, 2011, Hillary Clinton was determined to keep the focus on the loss of those four American lives and those that actually cared about figuring out what had actually happened to prevent it from ever happening again.

It's a sad day for the House of Representatives, but, it's an even more tragic day for the Republican Party. I grew up with a conservative set of governing principles. The Republican Party has now walked away from them all. 

They walked away from limited government intervention. They walked away from paying for government bills. They walked away from being responsible and accountable for what they do. They walked away from being non-partisan for the benefit of America.

They tear down Hillary Clinton because she can actually do what they cannot.

She can govern. She can lead. She can acknowledge what she has done and what she can do better. She can learn from the past and do something different today to build a better tomorrow. She's relentless.

For a woman to become President . . . That's more terrifying than Obama becoming President to them. 

Keep an open mind about this fighter. As much as she fought today, she will fight for us all.

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