Sunday, October 25, 2015

Remaining Optimistic During a Long Campaign- Message to Bernie Supporters

I think this doomed to fail mentality and this conspiracy-woven mindset that is more indicative of the far right has begun to seep into the Bernie camp of his most ardent supporters. Maybe, don't get caught up in the moment and remember what a primary is about-- it's a campaign; it's about rallying public opinion and support behind your vision for the direction of the country. 

If anyone says that Hillary Clinton has had it easy from the MSM, you're not being honest with yourselves or the public. In fact, for the vast majority of this year, the MSM went out of there way to perpetuate the scandals and to give Bernie every opportunity to seize control of the democratic electorate. 

Bernie just hasn't managed to do that beyond where he was a couple months ago. That's just the reality. I don't know if he's at his ceiling of support, but his numbers haven't budged much at all, especially since the first debate. 

Admittedly, Hillary Clinton has had a phenomenal couple of weeks, especially when juxtaposed with the rest of her campaign. That wasn't some conspiracy. She performed at the highest level. No one else sat in front of a committee and was grilled for 10 hours by Republicans hellbent on painting her as the villain. Only one presidential candidate has ever had that happen and that candidate is Hillary Clinton. 

There's nothing in her strong performances in the debate and now in front of the congressional committee designed to bring her down that denigrates or takes away from the Bernie Sanders campaign. He just hasn't found a message that broadens his support.

What he did do during that debate was shore up his enthusiastic support by repeating the same four points or themes of his campaign. There are five more debates. 

There's no reason for Hillary supporters to be making a victory lap either, which some have been doing. I find that behavior as appalling as I found some of the brazen, disingenuous attacks by Bernie supporters on Hillary and her campaign over the summer and into the fall. This is why I'm not a Democrat. Some tend to gloat and think they've won or do the opposite and fear what they've done and runaway from their principles in the face of difficulty, adversity, and obstruction. 

We're still more than a year out from the general election. This is most definitely a marathon. Don't become discouraged. 

What is most important is that the country continues to move forward next November, not that whomever our preferred candidate is must lead that charge. Personality politics is bull.

What matters are the policies, the arguments, and the ability to fight and win through next November and for the four years after that.

Right now, I don't see one reasonable candidate on the Republican stage that has even a chance to win the Republican nomination.

Let's keep our shared goals for progress in mind. We don't want the country to fall back toward failed policies that brought us to the brink of economic collapse and led into mismanaged, unwarranted wars.

We need to remain hopeful, forward thinking, and optimistic for the future of America. 

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