Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Reality of a No Felony Gun Violence America

Cops are saying new lax gun laws are to blame for a spike in gun violence in cities around the country. Ease of access to guns is only a small part of the problem. A much more sinister problem are new laws like the inalienable right to bear arms law in Missouri which makes it nearly impossible to prosecute violent criminals who use guns.

Someone can get a felony for having drugs but not for having a gun in most jurisdictions. Criminals who commit gun violence are quickly back out on the street, and can then easily purchase another gun, often legally from a relative or a gun show. That's true nearly everywhere in America. 

In Missouri and other jurisdictions, the easy access to legal guns, high capacity clips, and semi-automatic guns is leading to more dead bodies more rapidly. This is more dangerous for cops and citizens alike. Spikes in violence are upwards of 50% in some cities this year from all time lows in just 2013. 

This is not from the usual gun control advocates but from leading cops like Chief Dotson in St. Louis and Chief Flynn in Milwaukee. These cities are in fairly red states for gun laws, Missouri and Wisconsin.

(Source: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/)

The NRA has been leading the charge for ever more lax gun laws and has been making strides in many states ever since the Sandy Hook massacre where 20 children were shot to death and six adults were shot to death. Not even universal background checks could pass through Congress. 

You can have your guns. If you commit violent crimes with a gun, you should be charged with a felony. If you commit two violent crimes with a gun, you should go away for a long time. 

The fact that someone with marijuana or other drugs can get a felony charge and a violent criminal with a gun can walk with no charges is part of the problem in America. Add in the evermore lax gun laws that the NRA and the gun lobby has bought and paid for in Congress and in state legislatures across the country, we have the perfect storm for dead citizens and dead cops. 
Stop defending bad ideas.

Start defending your fellow citizens.

Start defending cops that protect & serve you.

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