Monday, August 10, 2015

Reality Trumps Emotion on Immigration

I often hear from critics of immigration reform, that they demand all benefits to illegal immigrants stop until all Americans are fed and housed. It becomes yet another us vs. them battle that devolves from a reality-based discussion to purely emotion-based. Let’s examine some facts and opinions.

There are 12+ million illegal immigrants that are here right now, many of whom have family that are American citizens. Our immigration system is antiquated and hasn't been reformed since the Reagan era. 

Many of these people fled horrible conditions in their home countries for a better future here. Yes, they did it the wrong way, but they are here and there's no conceivable way to remove them all. It would bankrupt our country and make it impossible to feed and shelter the very Americans that you’re wishing to help with your post here.

Many of these people aren’t on welfare, are working hard, paying taxes, contributing to our American society or are or were children when they were shipped here to escape violence. Their home countries aren’t going to pay to have them returned as those countries are extremely poor. 

I understand the issue that some people have with illegal immigration, I really do. However, we have to as a country and as a people deal with the reality of decades of a government that did nothing on border security, did nothing to reform our immigration policies, did nothing to punish employers for hiring illegal immigrants and did nothing that was promised during the Reagan amnesty. 

The GOP would rather American children and families starve. This is why Congress cut food stamps for Americans. That’s despite the overwhelming evidence that for every tax dollar spent on food stamps generates $1.75 in economic output. It pays for itself and puts food in the mouths of children and families. That’s before we even discuss illegal immigration and the alleged benefits many disagree with. 

People will claim these sanctuary cities are part of the problem. There are definite issues with how law enforcement and city government work with the federal government with violent illegal immigrants. Repeat deportees should be set aside in special prisons and dealt with in a new way. However, sanctuary cities are a net positive as it brings the illegal immigrants out of the shadows.

It’s the demonization of these human beings that creates more problems for and endangers more Americans.

Non-violent, hard-working illegal immigrants are more apt to work with local law enforcement if there’s no impending threat of deportation. This means they are useful sources of information to find violent offenders. They are more likely to seek medical treatment for communicable diseases instead of remaining ill and potentially infecting others. The illegal immigrant children are able to receive a quality education, learn English, and begin to transition and better immerse into our American society. 

I think some people only consider this from an emotional perspective, not a rational one. It is very difficult to separate the two. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone, but when you’ve worked in public health, worked to protect public security, worked to educate children, you get a hands on education and experience with these issues that most people simply do not. 

Just something to consider.

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