Monday, August 24, 2015

America Needs to Wake Up to Wage Crisis

People have this idea that if workers are paid adequately for their work in these big companies that are making record profits and paying their top executives multi-million dollar salaries that it means prices must increase. This is the thinking that has plagued the working classes for decades. This is also the mentality that has kept many workers voting against their own individual interests as well as the interests of their family and communities as well. 

All of those billions in profits and all of the millions in top salaries to executives and administration in these companies are only possible on the backs of the cheap labor that has and continues to be perpetuated by support of the American taxpayers. The American taxpayers are simply footing the bill for what these employers are claiming as a successful business model that has resulted in record profits, bonuses, and multi-million dollar salaries. Instead of paying even living wages to the actual workers that created all of the profits and wealth, these companies have allowed the American taxpayers to foot the bill.

Many Americans give these companies a free pass on these low wages, on these lavish salaries and support these record profits. What would we do if we couldn't have our cheap services or goods? That's the wrong question to be asking. The mentality must be changed from top to bottom and bottom to top. What happened to an honest day's work and an honest earning for that honest day's work? That's the question that we should challenge every company, every CEO, and every board in America. Are you really worth tens of millions of dollars plus all the perks that go with your position? Does your company's profit margin really reflect the actual profits of the company or the inflated profits you've artificially created by not paying your workers adequately for their honest day's work?

If these employers and companies paid their workers more money and then passed that cost onto consumers instead of adjusting their profit margins and top administration salaries accordingly, then you know where the problem has always been and remains in our economy and our country. The top percentage wage earners in this country have been stockpiling their monies, their influence and their power for decades.

They willingly took their Bush tax cuts and didn't increase the number of jobs they offered, nor increased wages accordingly. They pocketed that money or better yet used it to build factories outside the country. Then, when times got tough with the global financial meltdown, they came a knocking at the American taxpayers door for yet another handout, which Congress of course gave them with no strings; it was a crisis, ya know.

People seem to have forgotten the lessons of the Great Recession. These companies don't give a damn about their workers, nor about the country. They just want their money, no strings attached, no regulations, please. That's too much bother. 

These million dollar salaries aren't justified by the actual work by these executives. These record profits aren't justified by the actual benefits that are required to supplement the pay of the workers that generate the profits. These big companies are raping and pillaging our great country. Taking what they want, keeping what they need, and throwing out the rest. They don't care about their workers, about the communities that house them, and they only want more and more without paying for the work that generates their wealth and their profit margins.

We need Americans to wake up to the reality of what's been happening to them and around them for decades. Wake up, America! Wake up! It's time to stop blaming workers. It's time to stop blaming Congress. It's time to start realizing the issue is the wealth and profit takers. These big companies have destroyed our national and local economies. They have taken from us all. They don't pay their workers fairly. They frighten you by saying prices will rise if they have to pay fair wages. 

Stop being scared. Start waking up. 

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