Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pence Wins, Kaine Ruffled, Facts Definite Loser

From a distance, I’ve got to give this debate to Governor Mike Pence. That’s going to be a bit painful for some to hear. Pence wisely didn’t take the bait on much of the Trump quotes and attacks. He took every opportunity and certainly every attack as a way to stick the knife into both Clinton and President Obama, which will certainly please conservatives of all stripes. That being said, Senator Tim Kaine really made as many accurate attacks against both Trump and Pence as he could, just in the least beneficial way

As far as demeanor, Pence was also much more calm and put together than Kaine, who seemed to be a bit flustered and frustrated by the format and by the at times outright lies and misinformation Pence was espousing.  

Kaine was obviously uncomfortable in a defensive position. Pence was obviously most  comfortable in a partisan stance attacking Clinton and President Obama with bad information and statements designed to stoke anger and outrage in the base and in blue collar America. 

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Pence, rather eloquent in narrating nearly any partisan point. Kaine, not so much when interrupting, but on criminal justice and sensible gun reform was definitely on point. 

Kaine defended Hillary’s tenure at Secretary of State from Pence’s lies about Iraq and ISIS. The broken down talks on a status of forces agreement which resulted in a departure time table were led and negotiated by President George W Bush, not President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

Pence on the economy-1980s and 60s economy. Small businesses and family farmers. Coal. Repeal Obamacare. Red meat and bread & butter for blue collar America. Doesn’t seem to budge the needle on the groups Trump-Pence need to reach to win the election.

Kaine was much more specific with plans on both domestic and foreign proposals.

  • Invest in manufacturing
  • Invest in workforce
  • Invest in education, teachers, debt free college.
  • Increase income fairness. 
  • Focus on small business growth and tax reform where the rich who haven’t been paying their fair share will and tax relief for the middle class and small business. 

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This is in direct contrast to the Trump plan, which he said would cost 3 million jobs, plunge us deeper into debt, and give him and his family million dollar tax breaks.

Squabble on Trump tax returns. 

Kaine laid out the terrorism strategy.  

  • Take out leaders on battlefield
  • Disrupt finance networks
  • Disrupt recruitment
  • Work with allies to surge intelligence

Pence had nothing but attacks on Clinton and President Obama with regard to foreign policy. Any quotes or criticisms of Trump, his statements, or policies, he would just exclaim “no” or “not true.”
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In the long run, Kaine may win the debate just on fact-checking alone. Add to that the more substantive rollout of comprehensive policies, both foreign and domestic, and it would be a slam dunk. However, the demeanor of Pence won the night. He just kept Kaine on his heels, didn’t budge regardless of what was lobbed in his direction. 

Pence appeared more presidential. Unfortunately, the facts won’t line up with what he presented in the debate. And, what’s worse with regard to Kaine’s demeanor is that is obscured that painful reality. 

“Trump can’t start a twitter war with Miss Universe without shooting himself in the foot.” That might be true, but Kaine couldn’t make a point without obscuring the lack of substance in his opponent. 

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