Sunday, October 9, 2016

Are There Any Compelling Reasons to Support Trump?

In a massive show of his character and focus in this presidential race, Donald Trump has paraded a few of President Clinton’s accusers in front of reporters and cameras. I gather those who hate Hillary will just embrace such behavior, using alleged victims as political props. 

Obviously, Donald Trump isn’t sorry about what he’s said and done. He’s too busy deflecting attention and pointing the finger at someone who’s not even running for president to bother with being sorry. 

And, of course I do feel compassion for these women who I’m certain must be deeply wounded and feel wronged. Bill Clinton isn’t running for President. Hillary Clinton is. Donald Trump is.
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There’s plenty of compelling reasons to be for a candidate. Can you list any reason to be for Donald Trump? I can write for days my reasoning for supporting Hillary Clinton. 

I see people defending Donald all over social media, accusing Hillary Clinton of actions she’s never actually done and that there’s no evidence of her actually doing. 

There are mountains of evidence regarding Donald Trump’s corruption, bad behavior, and dangerous temperament. 
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From money donated from his “charitable” foundation to political campaigns of attorneys general. That’s actually pay to play. There is no evidence of pay to play between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. None. 

There are mountains of audio and video evidence of Trump’s bizarre mentality regarding women and minorities. Not from a decade ago, but since he’s been running for president.

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He’s failed at business, multiple times. And, yes, he did turn his business around, but he lost a billion dollars in one year alone. He’s bankrupted businesses throughout his career. He’s not followed through on paying contracts at all or in full for work and services completed and delivered. That should be damning evidence of his business ethics to anyone who’s ever worked or ran a small business.

He created a fraud on students of his failed Trump University that used dishonest recruitment methods and false promises. He paid attorneys general through his charitable organization who then dropped the charges. 

What are the compelling reasons to support Donald Trump?

Let’s watch him face the voters tonight in the Presidential Town Hall. I’m curious to see how it unfolds. 

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