Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trump is the Real Pay to Play Candidate

This is what donors to Trump's presidential campaign are paying for . . . when he could have given the campaign a discount or better yet donated the space to his campaign since it's in his building. 

Really, Donald? Getting paid by donors to pay yourself rent is the epitome of corruption. This is why this made up scandal with the Clinton Foundation has been a distraction all along. 

The Trump campaign, of course, says this is because they're now renting more space 'in anticipation' of more staff. So, for two months two additional floors have been rented and remained empty? Right. 

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Meanwhile, as usual, Trump shifts the blame to Clinton, who has many more staff, and, by a lot; 172 versus 700 to be exact which the Clinton campaign only pays $40,000 more. Curious, isn't it? (http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/23/)

Wanna know who actually pays for play? It’s Donald Trump. He's been playing the campaign game for personal gain all along.

Back at the end of June, Trump had spent over $6 million at Trump properties and companies for services and products. Some of that money even pays members of his own family. Overall, he's spent over 10% of campaign dollars to himself. 

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Add to that the reality that Trump's money that he spends on the campaign are donations to it, he can simply pay back himself at the conclusion of the presidential race any monies he loaned to the campaign.

So, in the end, with 10% of campaign expenditures going to Trump businesses or family, Trump loaning money to the campaign, which he can repay to himself after November, the candidate running the pay for play scheme appears to be Donald Trump.

Let’s focus on what matters. The Clinton Foundation does enormous good for millions of people throughout the world. What has Trump done that hasn’t been for himself? 

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