Monday, August 29, 2016

Kaepernick Sits, Nation Outrages, We Should Think

This is going to ruffle some feathers, I'm sure, but just a few facts to wade into this ongoing discussion regarding Colin Kaepernick and his personal choice to sit during the National Anthem. Many are outraged and rightly point to the sacrifices of our police, firefighters, and military. (Police Supporter Facebook post at end)

Pro-football is a dangerous sport. In fact, just this week a quarterback fractured a vertebrae in his back. Many football players suffer from lifelong issues from repeated concussions and head injuries. Yes, some athletes are paid well for what they do, but they can only work for a very limited number of years, and only a few are given such high-priced contracts. Mostly, their finances are so extremely mismanaged, many are left with little after they leave the league.

Now, that doesn’t take anything away from the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that police, firefighters, and our military have volunteered to take upon themselves and upon their families when they put on their uniforms. And, yes, these brave men and women do so with nowhere near the salaries of pro-athletes. 
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However, those brave men and women that do don those uniforms do so in order that all Americans have the freedom of speech, have the right to protest the government and anything else, and not in a violent way, but in non-violent ways such as Colin Kaepernick has done by simply sitting during the National Anthem. 

I do find it highly hypocritical of some people, especially those who claim to be supportive of politically incorrect speech, to vilify someone who sits during our National Anthem. 

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Let me also remind you that our Department of Defense, until just this year, was paying the NFL to have you honor them at NFL games to the tune of nearly $7 million in just 4 years. I would think that would garner more outrage then an American sitting in non-violent protest during the National Anthem, which is his right to do. Wait, the DOD actually spent $53 million in direct marketing and advertising during that same time period in ad campaigns, signs, and social media. 

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Everyone is so quick to pounce to an outraged and judgmental position without any consideration for any reason for sacrifices made, nor to recall the principles that founded our country. If we don’t honor freedom of speech, especially the non-violent forms, then what are our police, firefighters, and military really fighting and protecting? 

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