Thursday, April 28, 2016

Democracy Rests on Participation, Not Tantrums

People who say they will move out of the country because someone gets elected don't prefer a democratic system of government. 

Democracy isn't about having it only your way. And, yes, I know America isn't a pure democracy. 

It's about like Bernie Sanders supporters saying they will write in his name in November as some sort of protest vote. It's more a childish tantrum than an adult response within the democratic system we've inherited. 

Democracy in America has many legs. Those legs rest on the foundation that is participation of the electorate. If Americans don't participate in the process, participate in their government, in the election of their representatives, senators, and President, then the foundation of the country weakens and suffers. 
I've heard so many reasons that people give for non-participation. They hate politics. They hate the choices. They don't want to choose between the better of two bad options. They don't understand it. They're told what to believe and how to think, and it's very confusing.

That's why you ultimately make a choice and attempt to be as aware as you can of what's happening in your community, in your state, and in our country in order to check in on your choices. 

Sometimes, we simply get it wrong . . . As individuals, and as a country. If we don't even pay attention, we don't have a chance of making a better choice when that choice avails itself. That's what's amazing about America and our elections. We always get another election and another chance to make another choice. 

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And, yes, sometimes the choices don't get any better. The reason the choices haven't been getting any better is due to voter participation rates being as low as they've been since the 70s. Long before Citizens United. Long before Reagan. Long before many of us were even able to vote and participate.

I don't call myself optimistic. I look at it as being American. We get do-overs more than any other country on Earth. We can turnaround this country whenever we come together as a nation and choose to do so together. 

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