Monday, November 23, 2015

Americans Need a Wake-up Call on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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The losing ones in this war of words in America are not only the Syrian refugees but also the brave face of the American people. The fact that some have resorted to the counting of women and children in pictures instead of using actual facts is frankly painful. Oh, and those fearful Americans.

Under the current refugee resettlement program, it takes roughly two years for refugees to even begin traveling to America for resettlement. 

The UNHRC only sends a small number of refugees to America for consideration. Of those that are sent, the process is long and involves an extraordinary amount of scrutiny, background checks, interviews, and rechecks, to ensure that no terrorists or other bad actors make it into America in this way. 
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That's why the numbers of those refugees caught and/or removed for terrorist-related activity out of about a whopping 785,000 is a massive number of THREE resettled refugees. If you increase this to other criminal or related activity that number leaps to about TWELVE.

We vet the hell out of these refugees before they ever set foot into America. If there is ever a question or concern about a refugee, they are not allowed to resettle here.

There is no reason for this level of fear from Syrian refugees by Americans. There absolutely isn't any reason for politicians and public officials in office stoking fear for political gain. 

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I'm frankly tired of the politics of fear. Why are Americans so scared? What happened to all the guns and all the macho, bombastic talk? 

I guess once you toss out the facts, the logic, and definitely the reasoning, all you're left with is 'this mine! Not yours!' I think that is being far too nice of me. To hell with actually winning this ideological war against these violent jihadis. I guess it doesn't matter that these refugees are fleeing one of the groups we're fighting in that war. 

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