Thursday, February 23, 2017

Shimkus Townhall Primer

Here’s a primer if you’re heading to see Rep. Shimkus at one of his district offices or are planning to email him. 

This is a list of the legislation he’s co-sponsored or spoke on the floor of the House during the 115th Congressional Session.
  • Shimkus co-sponsored House Joint Resolution 38. It allows coal companies and other businesses to dump chemicals into streams without EPA enforcing clean water provisions.
  • This bill became law. 

  • He also co-sponsored H.R. 354, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2017, an unconstitutional act. 

  • He also spoke on the record about H.R. 7, which defunds health plans that covers elective abortions of Federal employees, congressionally appropriated funds for abortions in D.C., and restricts elective abortions in federal prisons and through the Peace Corps. 
  • This bill already passed the House.

  • And, Shimkus also co-sponsored H.R. 548 on healthcare liability. Not sure what this is about, but it grants hospitals and emergency departments liability protection. This bill sounds a bit scary if a doctor or other medical personnel would make a grievous error that was avoidable. It would make the facility and the personnel not liable for damages. 


  1. Shimkus is so far up the asses of the Republicans it amazes me he knows his way home to Illinois where constituents show up at scheduled meetings when congress is not in session. TV shows many honest, caring, MOC getting roasted for following party lines to vote instead of constituents requests. SHIMKUS WONT PUBLISH TRAFFIC TO HIS SITES ON SOCIAL MEDIA EITHER. Shimkus sends form letters to constituents but answer personally eith in voice messages or emails. What is Shimkus doing in Washington? Oh! I answered that already.

  2. Thanks Kevin for inspiring me to become a good neighbor.