Friday, November 4, 2016

Today, I Proudly Voted for Hillary Clinton

I proudly voted for Hillary Clinton today. She’s the best candidate we could have ever hoped to have. That doesn’t mean I believe she’s perfect. She doesn’t even think she’s perfect. No one is.

If you drop the anger, drop the outrage, drop the talking points, she’s been amazing. She has comprehensive policies to move the nation forward, economically, with wages, to make health insurance and health care cheaper, to advance a forward-thinking foreign policy that relies on smart power. She’s about bringing people together, not tearing them down. 

A lot of people have been saying a lot about Hillary Clinton. However, most of these are designed to grab headlines and to make you angry and outraged. People don’t bother to care about the actual facts of the case, the context, nor the reality.
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Hillary has fought long and hard for others. If you don’t believe that, you’ve bought into the lies of others that can’t handle that truth.

Have the Clintons profited from being in the public eye after leaving the White House? Of course they have. They’ve also paid their fair share of taxes and donated millions to charity. I call that pursuing good while making a living.

If you believe the Clinton Foundation hasn’t done amazing good acts for hundreds of millions of people around the world, you’ve bought into the lies of others that can’t handle that truth.

Did the Clinton Foundation take money from just about anyone? Yes. Did they do amazing good with that money? Absolutely. 

People, however, are making amazing claims about the Clinton Foundation that just aren’t founded in factual reality.

I could make a negative case against Donald Trump, who actually has used Trump Foundation funds to illegally fund political campaigns of attorneys general that were investigating fraud cases against Trump University who later dropped those fraud charges. He also used these charitable donations to pay off other legal fines and fees.

I could make the negative case against Donald Trump, who actually didn’t pay federal income taxes and hasn’t bothered to share his federal tax returns as the Clintons have done. Some will say he pays plenty of other taxes. Then, why not show us his tax returns?
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He makes lots of claims about Hillary deleting emails, but he actually has deleted and destroyed documents and emails in multiple lawsuits against his companies. 

He actually has made terrible, heinous, and hateful statements about veterans, women, minorities, religions, and others. He actually has had numerous women who claim he followed through on some of the statements he was caught on tape saying about how he sexually assaults women.

And, for some reason, the Hillary haters continue to minute by minute spread their misinformation. It’s so sad if it wasn’t meant to purposefully distract and enrage voters. 

I’m proud to have voted for Hillary Clinton today. She’s going to be an amazing President if she happens to be elected next Tuesday. 

Go out and vote!

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