Monday, January 4, 2016

Terrorist Takeover in America; Between the Overly Sensitive and the Overly Offensive

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Everyone is so damned defensive in this country. 

This is because the rise of the politically correct is replacing the descent of the religious and far right. Both constituencies are squashing public discourse about these issues. As the religious and far right's dominance begins to waver and fade, some within their ranks have taken to using intimidation, fear, and even terror to make a stand.

You can't have a discussion about race, religion, or politics with most people in America these days without either side becoming incensed. Everything has to be said with such perfect precision to manage everyone else's feelings. This is how and why issues never get resolved. Everyone is either too sensitive or too offensive. 
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Cops are defensive because they're under attack. Many citizens are more defensive on the side of cops because they've never experienced a negative experience with a cop that ruined their life or ended the life of someone they know. However, many of these same people are highly critical of the government. Curious.

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Meanwhile, others are defensive that these problems haven't been addressed in exactly the way they wish them to be addressed. Some take the reaction to a violent extreme. 

So many in America have become so reactive. So quick to anger and outrage as opposed to finding some common ground or compassion or some understanding. 

It's beginning to become exasperating. Now, it's becoming dangerous.

Currently, we have a MSM-labeled 'militia,' which is actually a homegrown terrorist group, that has taken over federal property by threat of the use of force. If they were any other race but white, the far right would be calling the federal response feckless and weak. If these were any other race, there would be blood spilled already.

Fighting over our legal rights is a principle I absolutely believe and I will always defend . . . It's an American principle. An armed takeover of any facility, which is what this actually is, is entirely different from protesting the government and property rights.
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Why are 'these' American people fed up? Why is this their method of choice in channeling their frustration?

The anger and outrage that has been channeled and fueled by some in our country for personal and political gain is looked at differently depending on which side of that frustration and outrage you happen to be sitting on at the time.

Where's all this support when Americans are protesting peacefully without arms in America's cities after one of their community's own is killed by police?

That's the dichotomy that so many seem to miss when looking at this armed takeover of property over what, again? Property. Not loss of life at the hands of the state.

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