Sunday, June 28, 2015

Compassionate Response to Opponents of Gay Marriage

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I think we should be compassionate of those that are still against gay marriage and against homosexuality. The evolution of this issue in America and around the world is difficult for many as their own families and church leaders have been telling them for generations homosexuality is evil. 

Try and have some patience for people as they come to grips with this new reality. We are a pluralistic society, and people can disagree without disrespecting one another. It certainly is not easy when some churches continue to choose to make this such a divisive issue within both church and community.  

The families of the victims of the Charleston massacre I think should be a guide in how to approach adversity with forgiveness and grace during this time of tremendous transformation. Some people may feel that they have better things to do, but is it so difficult to teach others how they should have been treating you all along by the way you treat and behave toward them? 

It's far easier to let go of the transgressions of the past paving the present with good acts and intentions for a better collective future. With time, patience, compassion and understanding, many will realize a more inclusive America is a better America.

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