Thursday, January 8, 2015

Palin, Dogs, Money, PETA and More Money

You know, I'm certainly not a Sarah Palin fan . . . can't stand her. I do think she's more intelligent than most would give her any credit for having . . . that doesn't mean she has a clue as she's lazy and has surrounded herself by "YES" people. If you think intelligent people can't be completely stupid, that may say more about you than it says about anything else.

That being said, I went and found the entire interview from the TODAY show to witness for myself Palin's lunacy. I had seen this PoliticusUSA post-smear numerous times spreading across the web and thought it curious that they only attached a screenshot of the interview and not a link of the interview itself. I know PoliticusUSA to be a crap site for "news", much like Breitbart and Hotair, just a different bent, still not news, and usually just to outrage people.

This whole six year-old standing on the dog controversy is stupid. She was ignorant to have posted such a stupid picture and doubly ignorant to have been so bloody defensive about it. Let it go, people.

However, with a couple of days for Palin to calm down, and I gather for someone else to do some research, she has really did a number on PETA's claims that this is cruelty to animals and shown that people truly are hypocrites when it comes to anything she does. All this has done is probably made her and PETA more money.

Yeah, she's nutty as all hell. The whole Obama eating dogs thing is creepy when she goes into thinking she's making some major social media score with her nutty buddies, but on the whole, just let this story die. If you disagree, actually watch the bloody interview and make your own objective opinion yourself. She brings up Ellen DeGeneres and Mayor DeBlasio as honorary PETA people of the year. It's curious for sure.

Please, Sarah Palin doesn't need to be such a big deal. She quit her job as Governor of Alaska. And, she made millions. Now, her and her entitled family get into drunken brawls and spew social media BS and make more money than anyone could probably imagine. Stop fueling it already!

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