Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stop the Merry-Go Round of Blame and Inaction


Both sides just blaming the other is just so old and tired.  No one that's outraged is listening to logic or reason.

If you bring up any point, any fact, anything that challenges one of the fringe assumptions, they assume you're on the other side with the other side's array of assumptions.

Each fringe has a deep go to bag of tricks . . . anything to avoid opening their minds or loosening the firm grip their ideology has on their ability to listen and interact . . . anything to shutdown or intimidate others into not engaging, sharing or discussing ideas.

Then you have the two parties . . . which just pony up for money and for their own political self-interest, hardly ever for the best interest of the American people.

Instead of sitting through testimony or engage in real debate in Congress, many trot out in front of a camera whenever possible to push their agenda, which isn't about doing their job but anything they can to blame the other party or the President for everything in order to get more money and to create ads for their re-election.

"Let's regurgitate talking points today."

"How about blaming others this session?"

"We'll get around to real reform later."

Yep . . . the merry-go-round of blame and inaction . . . that's the two-party system and the Legislative Branch of the American government.

Instead of just being pissed off and outraged at everything and everyone, try finding some common ground. Regardless of our differences, we are actually in this together. If we don't work together, we will never move forward. Remember, it takes courage to do something when it is far easier to simply go on the attack with blame and outrage.

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